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I Feel Pretty!…Thanks Probiotics?

November 11, 2010
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There seems to be an overwhelming amount of positive research on the affects of probiotics for overall health, hence when I saw the headline on the connection relating to skin health, I had to share.

While the official reports won’t be complete for another two years or so, according to research scientist Christine Lang, recently interviewed at the Beauty from Within conference in Paris, while they are still working on some details, results seem positive so far: “Much more is known about how probiotics in the gut, than for the skin, but it seems there signals coming from the gut microorganisms to the skin and mucosa that may allow interaction between probiotics in the gut and effects on the skin.”

Good ole Dr. Mercola has his take on this

Probiotics are now widely known for their beneficial role in your gut health, but emerging research further proves their benefits are not limited to your digestive tract.

Signals from these gut microorganisms are sent throughout your body and interact with organisms in your skin and gut mucosa. Researchers are now looking into how these interactions can help with skin conditions like dryness, improve collagen, or stabilize the microflora on your skin to help with irritations.

The popular cosmetic company Clinique has just released a “redness solutions makeup” that touts probitoic technology that “helps strengthen skin’s barrier.” Probiotic soaps, lotions and other personal care products are also available at many health food stores.

Research is still emerging as to precisely how probiotics interact with your skin, as well as which strains are most beneficial and whether topical or oral applications work best, but the promise is definitely there. Probiotic benefits for your skin is an area worth keeping an eye on in the next few months and years.

Best way to get your probiotics? Dr. Mercola says it’s one of the few supplements recommended to his new patients. Would rather not supplement? Opt for unpasterized cultured foods like yogurt, some cheeses, and sauerkraut are good sources of natural, healthy bacteria.

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