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WORD! Apiary

October 24, 2010

I learned a few fun things about honey bees today. First off all, contrary to Jerry Seinfeld’s blockbuster animation hit, The Bee Movie,–depicting a society of studly muscular male bees protecting the hive, honey and queen–in a healthy bee population ALL of the essential bees are female.  In fact, as John Russo, the bee keeper at the Carmel Valley Ranch apiary, explained the sign of an unhealthy bee community is the presence of male bees called drones. “Drones,” he explained, “are larger, eat a lot and while they do have reproductive contributions, they are basically a resource drain on the rest of the hive.” In other words, they are useless, especially when there are too many hanging around. In the the animal kingdom, being useless is dangerous.  “At the first sign of stress,” Russo says, “the female worker bees drive the drones from the hive.”

The word of the day is apiary…

….. and the lesson of the day is only weak females (bees) keep useless males (drones) around the hive.

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