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Cocktail Chatter: The First Transmitted Message Sent July 4th, 1903

July 4, 2011
A celebratory post card, source:

A celebratory post card, source:

As we all text ‘n tweet and post our thoughts to Facebook this Independence Day – consider the history of these bits and bytes of data. OK we are not going into the entire history – just the one fun fact that on July 4th, 1903 the first message travelled around the globe.  The sender was U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt as he wished “a happy Independence Day to the U.S., its territories and properties . . .”

The message was made possible by the Commercial Pacific Cable Company (which eventually became AT&T) and took nine minutes to travel around the world.

Check out this fun photo found in the Cliff House archives, taken by J.B. Monaco in 1902, as the first section of the cable was laid.

From wikipedia…The first section of cable was laid in 1902 by the cableship Silvertown from Ocean Beach, adjacent to the famous Cliff House in San Francisco to Honolulu. It began operating on January 1, 1903. Later that year, cables were laid from Honolulu to Midway, then from Midway to Guam, and then from Guam to Manila.

Happy 4th of July!

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