MISS Readers


We love all our MISS readers and wish we could get to know every single quirk about each and every one of you! Want to know who else loves all of our MISS Musings? Check out our Facebook featured fans — every time we hit a Facebook milestone we choose a MISS reader to answer our fun Q&A. Not a Facebook fan? Follow us here: https://www.facebook.com/makeitsimplesister

GiannaMeet Reader 100: Gianna






Say Hello to Reader 200: Kirtee






img_0102Cheers! Reader 300: Angela





Vanessa-HeadshoHigh-Five Reader 400: Vanessa





katieWoo Hoo! Reader 500: Katie





DnyU1h4PamJTzpmVB6gTXVk3JYGTbg8BX_t6WB3VcTYKiss Kiss Reader 600: Deniz


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