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February 4, 2010
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Laura Frank makes nearly 10 percent of her yearly income in creative money making enterprises.

Laura Frank, a 20-something Southern California native, has spent almost the last ten years living on her own in one of the most expensive cities in the world: San Francisco. The marketing maven has made ends meet with a few simple ways to make extra money!

Here she tells us one of her favorites:

Sell what you’re not using! Chances are you’re never going to read all those textbooks from college, or watch your copy of Moonstruck for the 500th time. List it on websites like¬†Amazon or Craigslist. One of my favorite sites for selling books is

The site couldn’t be easier. You start by entering the ISBN number of the book you’re trying to sell. You can find the ISBN number on top of the bar code that’s usually found on the back of the book.

The image of your book will appear. You’ll then select the condition of the book in a pull down menu: brand new, like new, very good, good, acceptable.

There’s a space for any comments about the book. You’ll then hit continue, sign in to your account, choose a price and wait for the money to come in!

There aren’t any fees to list a book on the site, but the company does take a commission on every sale that’s completed. You’ll have to pay the shipping costs and ship the item within three days of the sale. So price accordingly!

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