Lunch on the Cheap: Shopping Store Brands

February 19, 2010
Nabisco brand wheat thins: $3.99

We get it. You’re accustomed to the finer things in life—like brand names. But your grocery budget can account for one of your largest flexible spending categories. To trim the budget opt for store brand shopping.

According to the Nielsen Company, sales of store brands have jumped almost 10 percent since 2007, while brand names have declined 4 percent.

Store brands are generally outsourced to off-site facilities (some of which produce the same national brand versions) but why are national brands more expensive? They have to pay the high cost of marketing and advertising—and that cost gets trickled down to us: the consumers.

Safeway Store brand shredded cheese: $2.99

Kraft brand shredded cheese: $3.49

Safeway brand crackers: $1.99

Nabisco brand wheat thins: $3.99

At almost 20 percent less, store brand cheese never tasted so good. At almost double the price stick with store brand crackers!If you can save between 50 cents and $2 on each grocery item on your list — savings can add up quickly! At a modest projection of $15 in savings a week you could have enough money saved for a weekend in Hawaii!

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