3 Tips to Reduce Your Cell Phone Bill!

May 25, 2010
D Sharon Pruitt,

A recent study by the nonprofit Citizens Utility Board showed most cell phone users didn’t use seven hours of cell phone time they were paying for in their monthly plans. In the study almost 73 percent of the 7,000 cell phone bills that were analyzed could have saved money on their monthly service.

What can you do to reduce your monthly cell phone bill?

1. Review your monthly bills and determine if you aren’t using all the minutes, if you can go down a tier in a cell phone plan.

2. About 12 percent of cell phone users have insurance on their phone and most don’t need it. If your plan is almost up, and you’d get a free phone or a reduced price phone anyway, think about getting rid of the insurance.

3. If you only use your cellphone for calling and texting, get rid of your data plan, which should save you about $30 a month.

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