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Thanksgiving Week Made EZ

November 19, 2012

photo from world.werner-kunz.com

Hello ladies it’s Monday before Thanksgiving… can you believe it? We can’t. To alleviate any potential stress, Misa P. of Miss Go To Girl has broken down the week for you!

 Monday If you are hosting:  Shop today! Pull out all of your recipes, figure out how many pounds of spinach, bags of potatoes, and bottles of wine you will need –and don’t forget to get the best deal on wine through your grocery story membership clubs. Safeway, for example offers deep discounts off select wines and if you buy six bottles (you can mix labels) you will get an additional 10 percent. And delegate – call those guests and ask them to bring something, people really love to feel included -after all the first Thanksgiving was a pot luck!

Don’t have your recipes?  Here are some stand outs for sides. (O.K. full disclosure Mimi collected them for her day job, but she’s tried ‘em –and they work!)

Going as a guest? You still have time to think about an appropriate hostess gift.  Something they can really use (or re-gift). Don’t bring flowers that need a vase, a dessert that wasn’t in the plans (honestly the hostess would have asked if she wanted you to bring it) and for you soap givers ‘C’ mon!  How many bars does a person need? Think: What would I want?  – then get it.  Also – if you are one of those people who bring champagne, but drink only wine – bring wine or both!

Today would be the last day you should invite that person you suspect has no place to go.  You’ll be happy you did, as you can read in awomenshealth.com fun piece on putting the thanks back in Thanksgiving.

Tuesday … Celebrity chef Michael Mina says to leave the skin on The Turkey in the refrigerator uncovered for two days prior to cooking to let the skin dry out.  Do you plan on skipping all cooking tips and ordering your Thanksgiving dinner instead?  Remember, you’ll need at least 48 hours notice for stores like Whole Foods.

Wednesday:  Set the table, create a self serve separate bar space away from the kitchen so guests are comfortable serving them selves. Get that mani/pedi.

Thursday – Enjoy!  If you can start the day off with exercise, Do we need to remind you of the metabolism boosting, endorphine producing benefits?  Here’s a list of 5 ways to get your Thanksgiving Groove on from Lifescript.com

Friday Shop! Some people like middle school teacher, Adena Zender, in Lompoc California, plans for all of her holiday (and other) shopping on this day, according to her, “It’s fun, it feels like I’m at a big party –and the deals can’t be beat!” Or shop online, this a new trend and it’s an easy way to get it done without having to find a parking spot.


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