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Thankgsiving tips from an uber chef!

November 21, 2011


Anyone who has hosted a Thanksgiving dinner can agree– it is a day of moving parts. The guests; some familiar, some new such as uncle Bob’s latest girlfriend.  The ‘traditional’ side dishes can include many forms of potatoes, something made with jello and cranberries fresh or from a can. And then the turkey –breast side up or down?  Last year, in preparation for Marin Magazine’s November issue I was lucky enough to visit the Mina family in their new West Marin home and watch uber chef, Michael Mina, along with a few of his top chefs, prepare a table full of mouthwatering dishes with the help of his sons Anthony and Sammy and wife Diane.

To ensure a day of ease and glasses always full, Diane shares her hosting tips.

Mina shares six of his recipes including my favorite three.

Brussels Sprouts

Marin Chicory Salad

Olive oil crushed potatoes

And finally center piece of the evening… the Turkey!  While I was there I took a very C- video of chef Mina explaining the process.

Michael Mina’s Three Things Not to Forget for Making the Perfect Turkey
1 Preheat your oven.
2 Season (or brine) generously.
3 For really nice crispy skin, leave the turkey uncovered in the refrigerator two days prior to cooking to let the skin dry out.

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