Get Rid of Kitchen Clutter

February 19, 2015

Close your eyes and think about your kitchen. What’s on the counters? When’s the last time you cleaned out your pantry? Can you find a tupperware top if your life depended on it? Commit to cleaning up kitchen clutter and organize your kitchen for the way you live with these five simple tips.

1. All those large appliances that you rarely use and take up valuable counter and cupboard space — relocate to the garage. We’re talking toasters, crockpots, turkey roasters and bread makers. If you haven’t used an appliance in the last 90 days it shouldn’t be in your way.

2. Pull out all dishes from the cupboard. Toss anything that’s damaged (like chipped glassware) and give away anything you have too much of (or relocate to the garage). For example — do you really need 15 wine glasses in your cupboard?

3. Think outside the box. Break away from what your kitchen should look like. Just because you’ve always stored coffee mugs above the kitchen sink doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it. Can you hang hooks to hold the mugs inside another pantry door? Can you put a lazy susan with spices on top of the fridge?

4. Create stations. The most efficient restaurants have waiter stations — quick stop-bys where a server can grab new silverware or fixings for a hot tea. Create stations in your kitchen. If you drink coffee each morning have a nice tray on the counter that has a jar with sugar, two coffee mugs, stirring spoons and the coffee maker.

5. Arrange your cupboard space by how often you use items. All the everyday use items should be in the easiest to reach cupboards and then you can put the special occasion dishes like serving trays at the very top cupboards — the ones you have to get on your tippy-toes to reach.

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