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Blog Lovin': How to Make a DIY Birthday Gift Box

July 25, 2012

Don’t even think about wrapping your next gift in store bought paper. Test out this neat DIY Birthday Gift Box from one of our favorite Advertising Creatives, who moonlights as a DIY Blogger with the uber-cool inspiration site Jargon (don’t miss the archives here).

What we love about this project is that it’s super green, using stuff you probably have around the house or in the office supply closet, it takes less than five minutes to make and it’s guaranteed to give you some serious Martha Stewart-turned-hipster cred.

What you’ll need:

Individual lettered stamps

Stamp pad

Old cardboard file box

Music (to pass the stampin’ time)

A gift flat enough to fit in the box (seems obvious, but hey…)

*extra points for adding your own barber-shop-striped-string

*If your file box isn’t a fancy Hunter green like Jargon’s you can also use non-toxic spray paint to give it some color — we like this brand.





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