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Consignment Shopping

Consignment Shopping

Consignment Stores: Cash and a Cleaner Closet!

January 6, 2015
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It’s a little easier to get rid of ‘stuff’ when you’re making money off of it–and one of the best ways to get organized is to have less to actually organize. Enter: the consignment store.

There’s a big difference between resale and consignment. Shops like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co. are resale — because you literally sell your items to the shop. If they like your stuff, they’ll give you a check right then. With consignment, you don’t get paid until the shop sells the item. Why choose consignment over resale? Because you’ll probably get more money and if you’ve got designer items consignment stores can specialize in selling particular brands.

Consignment Selling 101

The Pros: You’ll make money, with little effort.

The Cons: If you’re not good with ‘confrontation’ it can be a bit hard to hear someone tell you that basically, no one wants to buy your stuff.

Our favorite virtual consignment store: TheRealReal – just email them the items you want to sell and if approved they’ll send you a prepaid Fedex label to ship them your items. Once your item sells you’ll get paid the next month. You can track the status of your items with their account login system.

Our favorite in-person consignment stores:

Southern CA: On Que Style

Northern CA: Cris

New York: Second Time Around

Dallas: Revente Resale

Tips for consigning:

  • Ask what brands the store carries.
  • Ask what seasons the store is currently accepting (if it’s freezing outside, it’s hard to sell a cotton sun dress).
  • Ask how soon you’ll get paid.
  • Ask if they’ll notify you when an item sells or if you have to check in.
  • Ask how long they’ll keep your stuff before giving it to charity or back to you.
  • Ask what brands sell the quickest.
  • Ask if they accept accessories.