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Are You Cheap? 9 Tips on Tipping

June 3, 2015

Ginger Budrick is like the Emily Post of the food-and-bev industry. The veteran cocktail waitress gives us nine tips to ensure we aren’t embarrassing ourselves the next time the check arrives.

1.) 15 percent is no longer a good tip, although it is acceptable. When I go out I tip 15 percent for BAD service. If it’s mediocre I tip 18 percent and if it’s good I tip 20 percent or more. Try to think about it like this…how much did this server have to do for me and how happy were they to do it? Then tip accordingly.

2.) Keep in mind…tips for servers are the same as paychecks are for most people. Servers in CA make minimum wage, which isn’t much to speak for after they pay taxes. Their tips are their wellbeing and they are counting on them.

3.) If you split the check and only tip on half, we notice. You haven’t fooled anyone.  Same goes for paying part in cash and part on a card. The server knows how much your original check was.

4.) If you order drinks at a bar you can usually get away with tipping $1 per drink. Although, if the drinks are fancy and the bartender had to muddle mint, blueberries and schnozzberries and then shake vigorously then you should probably tip more. It’s also a good idea to tip more if you want the bartender to remember you for ‘next round’ purposes.

5.) Anytime you order food you should tip as if you were at a restaurant…even if you are sitting at the bar.

6.) Never ever tip with coins.

7.) A good tip goes a long way. Servers and bartenders remember good tippers and will often give them free stuff, discounts and better service the next time they come in.

8.) In a world filled with happy hours and Groupons you should always remember to tip on what the original check would have been. You may have gotten a swingin’ deal but the server is doing the same amount of work.

9.) Too much to think about? Get a free app that quickly calculates your tip for you and lets you choose the percentage you’d like to leave (there are a ton to choose from).