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St. Paddy’s Day Celebrations -What You Need to Know.

March 11, 2013
Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 9.39.44 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 6.32.22 PMPlanning a St. Paddy’s Day Celebration?  Whether you’re inviting a few friends over or celebrating with a few hundred of your newest friends, Julie Fritz, our DIY contributor is here to help

First – read this quick lesson on Paddy vs. Patty. While you’ll laugh at this true Irishman’s frustration with the rest of us regarding our amateur hour approach to this Irish celebration, it’s worth the read to learn that “Paddy is derived from the Irish, Pádraig, and Patty is the diminutive of Patricia, or a burger, and just not something you call a fella.”

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 9.32.40 AM






Drink! If you aren’t a Guinness beer fanatic, you may look to other options. Local drinking establishments will surely be pouring green hued beer from the tap or you can follow instructions from SheKnows to tint your own.  Why should the grown-ups have all the fun? The kids at the party will enjoy seltzer water or clear juice treated in the same way as the beer.  While you’re being the Saint Paddy’s hostess with the mostest, why not download our custom party coasters to keep the party off your furniture?

Green teeth? Be warned, though, if you see a hint of green to fellow beer drinkers’ teeth, it may not be your beer goggles! Those who haven’t had a professional dental cleaning in a while or who have plaque buildup should steer clear of emerald brews. According to Joseph Roberts, a Philadelphia dentist: “The green food coloring that is added to the beer stains the bacterial cell walls in plaque. So if his smile is looking all green, it’s probably not just the beer.”

Sláinte! A common toast in Ireland is Sláinte! It is pronounced ‘slawn-cha’ and means health. It is our equivalent to cheers, so here’s to your health and Irish festivities!

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The 57th Presidential Inauguration – Why January 21?

January 21, 2013

Hey ladies – We’re sure you already know these things -but here are a few fun facts regarding today’s inauguration, because the 20th of January fell on a Sunday, the big event is happening on Monday January 21. Pretty cool that it is also Martin Luther King Junior Day.


Why January 20th? Back in 1933 the 20th amendment to the U.S. Constitution stated stated that the terms of a president and vice president will end on the 20th day of January at noon. Well this doesn’t answer why on that particular day -but here is wording from the Amendment XX.

Passed by Congress March 2, 1932. Ratified January 23, 1933.

Note: Article I, section 4, of the Constitution was modified by section 2 of this amendment. In addition, a portion of the 12th amendment was superseded by section 3.

Section 1.
The terms of the President and the Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3rd day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified; and the terms of their successors shall then begin.

Section 2.
The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year, and such meeting shall begin at noon on the 3d day of January, unless they shall by law appoint a different day.

Say What?  On March 4, 1841, (before the XX Amendment) William Henry Harrison delivered the longest Inaugural address ( 8,445 words ) on a bitterly cold, wet day. He died one month later of pneumonia, believed to have been brought on by prolonged exposure to the elements on his Inauguration Day. The shortest speech?  One hundred and thirty five words given by George Washington during his second term. For more fun facts on these speeches click here.

Where? Happen to be in Washington DC- or just want to soak up as much of the presidential vibe as possible? Sign up to receive real-time alerts including viewing area openings and closings, missing persons, road closures, serious crimes, lookouts and weather related concerns during Inaugural activities on the National Mall and parade route from the U.S. Park Police. Text INAUGURATION to 888777. Standard text messaging rates may be applied. Be sure to check with your cellular service provider regarding your text messaging plan.


Photo via Flickr: Credit mrsdkrebs

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Cute Animals Boost Productivity!

October 15, 2012

IMG_7079We knew it! Time spent oohing and aahhing over sleeping kittens is time well spent! According to a study on work performance out of Japan  Looking at cute animals, say researchers at Hiroshima University, whether they’re actual kittens or cartoon characters like Pikachu, creates positive feelings that translate to increased friendliness and productivity.

Kawaii (cute things) things not only make us happier, but also affect our behavior,” wrote research team head and cognitive psychologist Hiroshi Nittono. “This study shows that viewing cute things improves subsequent performance in tasks that require behavioral carefulness, possibly by narrowing the breadth of attentional focus.”

Start your week off with a boost of productivity -and share this with your friends!


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Got Gold? Here’s How to Sell It

August 9, 2012

Gold Hawaiian Charm Bracelet: Value $2,000

With a nod to Micheal Phelp’s gold rush during the 2012 summer games, we wanted to help out our readers who might not be in pursuit of gold but in pursuit of cash for their old gold.

First of all – we’re a bit weary of sending in gold by mail for cash -but we’d love to hear from anyone who has had a positive experience with it. Instead, we’ve gone the more traditional route of finding a broker and or jeweler and taking it in ourselves.

A few things to know before you sell your jewelry.

1. The price of gold: This is listed daily on

2. Find the stamp that tells you the karat of your piece.

3. 24 karat = 100 percent gold. Therefore, divide the karat you have by 24. An 18-karat gold piece is 75 percent gold (18 karat / 24 karat = 0.75 or 75 percent).

4. All experts say unless you absolutely trust your jeweler it’s best to get at least two opinions on the value of your gold before selling.

To get some real numbers we took our gold to Robin McNally at Pacific Precious Metals. First she checks the karats, weighs it and then gave us a rough estimate. If we were serious about selling, she X-rays it to separate the metal alloys to be sure her the stamps are accurate. The lead photo is a charm bracelet of 14k charms, that weighs 88.9 grams which equals a bit over $2,o00.

Necklaces = 45.34 grams of 14k gold, = 1,457 ounces = $1,027

Grandma’s watches and Gucci — ALL gold plated, value = sentimental.

For the serious miners in the crowd … we loved this long instruction from wikihow on how to calculate the value of scrap gold, complete with using an acid test on the gold to make sure it’s real. Believe us -it’s easier just to take it into an expert like Robin. The whole process took less than 10 minutes.