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New Moon – Time to Manifest!

September 14, 2012
Photo by Tim Porter

Been thinking it’s time to ___ or ____ .  Perhaps you want a little more ____ in your life.  Well many people believe that the New Moon is a magical time of beginnings. Hence, the ideal time to set new goals as well as refocus on existing ones. Hence if you’re feeling like you need a little magic in your life, fill in the above blanks and read on.

Bonnie Bruederer, photographed here holding one of her vision boards, has made a business out of helping people visualize their future.

Bruderer earned her ‘life coaching’ stripes working for the king of motivational speaking, Tony Robbins for over a decade and was so inspired by the changes she saw in her clients, she decided to branch out and create her own vision board company.

Making a vision board is SIMPLE – Bruderer suggests creating a soul sentence and then dividing your board into four quadrants; health, relationships, finance/career and time management.

We have borrowed, this easy to follow list from Stanford graduate, and popular energy worker, Susan Bird,  who teaches her clients the power of thought, as in “Thought Creates”

Here’s a short cut to what she has her client’s fill out during new moon rituals.

List three goals you have already realized..and take some time to meditate on this.




Prioritize your life (as in health, family, money, relationships) and create a list of your top three priorities in these areas. Write it out as a goal. (example: “I want to run 15 miles”)




Come up with five affirmations to support these priorities.. (Examples: “I love running in the morning before work”






This is a very short version of what her workshops offer, but just writing these goals (intentions) down and concentrating on them throughout the next few days will make a difference in your life. If you are interested in learning more about this topic email us at and we can pass along Susan’s contact information as well as the long version of this manifestation intention.

Happy New Moon!

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How to Get Your Meditate On!

July 16, 2012

Don’t we all want an excuse to ‘meditate’ on our hammocks? In the July 2012 issue of the journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, has given us the thumbs up! Taking a deeper look at the study, what we loved was beyond discussing the benefits of meditation (increased oxygen to the blood, reduced stress, anxiety, depression etc.) these researchers looked into how people liked to meditate. And, let’s face it – we do what we like doing – and we don’t do what we don’t like.

The researchers spoke with about 250 college students who all practiced one of four methods for about a week and at the end of six weeks ranked their personal preferences regarding meditation methods.

Researchers looked into these four methods:

Vipassana – Translated as “seeing deeply” this meditation dates back to the times of Gautama Buddha. You can start out by breath awareness and then advance to stages of being mindful of your perceptions and thoughts at any time, regardless of what you are doing.

Mantra - Think “Om” or choose a word or phrase of your own to repeat.

Zen - This practice typically asks you to silently focus on breathing and posture with eyes open in a quiet place and to dismiss any thoughts that pop into your head, essentially “thinking nothing.”  Good luck with this!

Qigong visualization – We love this one – because one aspect of this practice includes the Inner Smile, visualizing “smile-energy” penetrating your internal organs; or Moon on Lake, visualizing the moon’s reflection on a lake; and Holding Heaven in the Palm of Your Hand, imagining the energy of the galaxy in the palm of your hand. Another popular technique is imagining a beam of light running along the spine.

And the winner is … a significant number of participants chose Vipassana or Mantra meditation as their preferred techniques. Of course this doesn’t mean these are right for you -but they would be a good place to start. Looking for a way to get started, check out our post called Mediation Made EZ, which describes a 100 breath technique …  as in take 100 breaths and you’re done. E-Z!

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EZ solutions for a toxic friendship

September 2, 2011
Picture 8

We’ve all got those friends who you love being with … most of the time. However, every once in awhile their narcissistic, flakey, or critical behavior starts to affect how you feel about yourself.  Not good!

The Friendship Doctor, aka Irene Levine, psychiatrist and author of “Best Friends Forever: Surviving A Break-Up With Your Best Friend” and creator of The Friendship Blog. wrote a recent post on the very topic of toxic friendships – and provides some simple solutions.

And don’t worry – you’re not alone. In a survey conducted by The Today Show and Self Magazine, 84 percent of women and 75 percent of men admitted to having a toxic friendship.


Need help dealing with a toxic pal? Try these tips from Irene Levine:

  • Self-absorbed sidekicks: Change the conversation from him/her to you (which won’t be easy). Change the subject and/or explicitly tell your narcissistic friend that you need and deserve their attention.
  • Chronic downers:  Set firm boundaries and tell him/her your limits (and enforce them!). Also encourage them to befriend other people — as in, spread the misery over more friends.
  • Overly critical chums: Have confidence in your own values and opinions. Also realize you may need to agree to disagree or else your relationship will be filled with contention.
  • Underminers: Recognize that this person is probably a “frenemy” and exercise caution, i.e., watch your back. Also, if the undermining is excessive and leaves you feeling badly about yourself, you may need to back away from the friendship.
  • Unreliable flakes: You may need to remind them of their commitments. Also remember, if someone is consistently unreliable, why would you ever rely on them?

To read the entire article, CLICK here:

Have a great labor day weekend ladies!

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Ocean’s Secret Potion? Healing Properties of the Sea

August 29, 2011
Picture 7

After spending a week floating in the soothing 0cean water in Hawaii, and hearing story after story from locals regarding the ‘magic’ healing properties of the sea – I did a bit of googling to confirm or reject these claims.

While ‘magic’ isn’t the exact word scientists have used to describe the healing and healthful properties of clean ocean water (there’s some nasty stuff out there on polluted beaches) – there are quite a few proven benefits. I liked this simple wrap up by writer Sharin Griffin from – it is easy to understand and best of all she cites her sources!

Skin Disorders

Skin disorders such rosacea, psoriasis and eczema are also helped by the ocean’s salt water as minerals and amino acids in the water draw out impurities. With the removal of these toxins also comes faster healing time during flare ups where open lesions are present. Rashes from plant allergies or heat are also soothed by ocean water, improving skin texture and boosting your skin’s natural immunities. Waters are believed to increase blood circulation, thus speeding up skin cell regeneration, cutting healing times in half.

Emotional Health

Warm baths have been attributed with stress reduction properties, but many may not realize the long-term stress reduction benefits of ocean water. The minerals in ocean water decrease stress and increase a sense of well-being. Water temperature also plays a major role in your emotional health when swimming in ocean water. Cool ocean water in the spring and fall months provides a soothing treatment for your nerves while warmer waters in the summer months relax your muscles, according to Dr. Connie Hernandez and Dr. Marcel Hernandez of Pacific Naturopathic in Mountain View, California.

Immune System

Iodine, one of the trace minerals found in ocean water, is directly linked to your body’s natural ability to fight off infection. Iodine in ocean water boosts your thyroid function, increasing your immune system. For this reason, ocean swimming is known as preventative treatment from certain illnesses and infections. Ocean water also increases the amount of oxygen carried throughout your bloodstream and and provides the nutrients required by your blood cells to fight off free radicals.

And down to the cellular level!

This research reminded me of an article I had done on the health benefits of seaweed detox wraps. This particular study has stuck with me evensince;

To illustrate the importance of detoxification, we need look no further than the work of Dr. Alexis Carrell.  Nobel Laureate (1912), Dr. Carrell was awarded this honor for his pioneering work in France on organ and tissue transplants.  To prove that animal cells can live in a seawater medium, he placed chicken embryo cells in a special flask engineered with the help of Charles Lindburg.  The seawater bath used was isotonic meaning that it was a saline solution.  The cells thrived for 5 weeks before eventually expiring.

Carrell was curious to learn what actually caused the cells to perish.  He discovered that due to the buildup of toxins in the form of metabolic wastes, the pH of the water acidified that deteriorated their environment.  It could be argued that this is an example of an ecological disaster like Lake Erie.  So he repeated the experiment; and this time, he drained the toxic water and kept a fresh supply of seawater flowing in daily.  Rather than perishing in 5 weeks, he kept these cells alive for 22 years!  This lead to his famous quote:  “The cell is immortal; it is merely the fluid in which it bathes that deteriorates.