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Spray Tans Tips … Make it Last!

October 17, 2012

D Sharon Pruitt

Wanting to get that summer glow? Well for most of us that means either using bronzing lotions or going to a salon for spray tan. And we don’t have to remind you about the scary melanoma rates related to tanning booths, right?  On that health note, if you want instant results we suggest looking for a paraben-free spray tanning option. Katherine Goldman, founder and owner of Stript Wax Bar, with salons in Palo Alto, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Los Angeles and San Francisco, which offers these safe tanning options offers tips on how to make your next one last. 

  • Make sure to wax or shave the area a day before your spray tan. Waxing will remove the tan so always do so a day before your service.  Shaving or waxing the day of can make skin more irritated, so wait for your skin to calm down before spray tan application.
  • Exfoliate before a spray tan. Use a body scrub to exfoliate dry skin before a tan. This will help with even application of the product and ensure a flawless look.
  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing to your appointment. Spray tans usually include a bronzer that can rub off on light colored clothing so always wear dark colors. Tight clothing can rub against the skin and create lines, so make sure to wear something that is baggy.
  • Plan not to shower for at least 6 hours. This allows the tan to develop, as water will wash away the active ingredient from the skin. Most people like to schedule their appointment in the evening so they can just go home, go to bed, and shower the next morning.
  • Use dark sheets the night of your tan. Make sure to put dark colored sheets on your bed after a spray tan appointment. The bronzer can rub off onto sheets and clothing so make sure to swap out anything white the day of your appointment.
  • Get a manicure before your spray tan appointment and then protect nails with a little Vaseline. This will help prevent darkening around the cuticle.
  • Purchase the right after care products. It is important to moisturize your skin after a spray tan as this will help it last longer.  You can also get a lotion with a small amount of DHA, the active ingredient in spray tans, to help keep the tan from fading.


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How to take a GOOD party photo!

October 12, 2012
Marin Magazine party pic

For most of us taking a good photo is not easy! Chin up, cheeks in, smile/ don’t smile…suck in your gut! It’s overwhelming. We’ve enlisted the help of Mo De Long (behind the camera), a professional photographer who specializes in making people look good!


MO’s Tips!
1. Turn partially sideways to the camera, planting one foot in front of the other. Point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back foot.  
2. Pull head forward slightly to minimize any appearance of a double chin. Also try the swallow and hold method.  To do this, swallow and while holding the swallow, smile naturally.
3. Hold arms slightly away from your body or hand on the hip. This keeps upper arm flab from flattening out and therefore appearing flabbier.
4. Pull shoulders back, chest forward and gently suck stomach in.
5.  Try the look away method.  To do this, look away from the camera, then turn towards it, breaking into a smile just before the camera clicks. Your smile will appear fresh, not frozen.

What not to do:

1. Never stand fully facing the camera and no slouching.  This makes you look boring and often wider than you are.

2. Never tilt your head back to avoid a double chin.  This just makes your neck look weird and strained.

3. Do not be the girl on the end, the people on the ends of group photos will look wider than the rest.  If you find yourself on the end, use the arms on the hip method so the elbow will appear to be the wide part of your body and not your hip.

4. Do not hold your smile for too long.   Take a break by looking  away and then turning back to the camera.

5.  Do not wear baggy clothes.  If you have to, wear a belt to accent your waist. Baggy clothing can make you look wider than you actually are.

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DIY: Make Your Own Shampoo

September 24, 2012

MISS Guest Blogger Vanessa, who is the chief blogging babe for, reveals her DIY tips for making your own shampoo!

A Natural Shampoo For Curly Hair

Curly hair is usually quite dry, and shampoo only dries it out more. This quick DIY shampoo and rinse will help to restore moisture, shine, and manageability to your locks.

To start, mix 1 litre of boiling water with 1/4 cup of baking soda. Shake your mixture until your baking soda is fully dissolved, and wait for your mixture to be cool to the touch. Then apply your cleansing rinse liberally to your hair, give it a good scrub, and rinse well.

Follow up your cleanser with a mixture of:

–      3/4 cup of water

–      1/4 cup of pure apple cider vinegar

–      2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

–      1 tablespoon of honey

–      8 drops of peppermint oil

–      8 drops of tea tree oil

Make sure to shake your rinse before squirting it all throughout your hair and scalp. Let it sit in your hair for a few minutes until you feel the ‘tingle’, and then rinse well.

You may notice a faint vinegar smell, but that can be easily covered by adding more peppermint oil to your mixture.

It may take a while to get used to this method, but if you stick to it you should notice your curls looking far less frizzy as well as having a nice healthy sheen to them, not to mention the money you will save!

A Natural Shampoo For Straight Hair

Unlike our curly-haired sistahs, this DIY shampoo only requires one step, meaning you don’t even need to shower! Bonus.

All you need is a small bowl, a clean, dry spice shaker, and:

–      8 – 10 drops of your favourite essential oil

–      2 tablespoons of corn starch

–      2 tablespoons of rice flour

–      2 tablespoons of arrowroot flour

Begin by pouring your ingredients together in a small bowl, and vigorously mixing it together for a few minutes to make sure it is well combined.

Then pour your mixture into your spice shaker and shake it directly onto your roots. If you prefer a more targeted cleaning, shake some into your hands and apply it directly to your scalp, roots, and hair.

Follow that by brushing the powder through your hair to ensure it’s evenly distributed, style as you normally would, and go!

Easy. Cheap. Natural. Does it get any better than that?

Can someone remind me again why I spent all those years throwing away money on store-bought shampoo?

MISS Guest Blogger Vanessa is the chief blogging babe for where she blogs and vlogs about all things skincare, including the best microdermabrasion machine, as well as handy DIY tips and tricks such as how to make your own moisturizer. The best part about her job? She gets to help her readers look and feel their very best!

Photo via Flickr: beverlyislike

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100% Mineral Sunscreens that Work

July 10, 2012

img_30261-1Before you grab that bottle of last decade’s chemical bomb – be grateful it’s 2013 – and the love children of science and tree huggers, a.k.a. non-toxic, planet friendly, effective sunscreens are widely available.

Here is a list of products that use physical sun filters, either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which act like little mirrors, reflecting damaging rays. And for the most part are created using sustainable practices and recyclable packaging. We will update this list with specials and updates as we see them.  Also click here for EWG’s worst offenders – you may be surprised, we were. The biggest surprise for us were the powdered sunscreens like Go!screen, since the powder is inhaled, they are “possibly carcinogenic to humans”  … that’s all we need to know to reach for another product.

True Natural Cosmetics: Ranging from $15 – $20, this product lines appears on the EWG (environmental working group) Skin Deep Sunscreen list as a “Best Beach & Sport Sunscreen (SFP 40) and “Best Moisturizers with SPF (all natural daily moisturizer, SPF 20)

2. Kinesys- We love the planet-friendly spray on sunscreens from this Marin-based company and were not surprised by how much we really like the new-ish ointment with made with 100% mineral block which contains 25% pure Zinc Oxide, starts at $29.

Haute Protection – It is paraben and fragrance-free with skin-nourishing vitamin E (for potent antioxidant protection), $29.