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Got a Job? Need to Set Some Goals? Check Out This website…

November 11, 2009

It’s exciting. You are now employed. Lucky them (the company who hired you) right?  Not quite. Here are some simple strategies that we’re sure you already know, but we hope will remind you to put your best ‘modest –pump’ foot out there. After the first week (make you sure you like the job) create a list of goals you think are attainable and would endear you to the company. Most managers (or bosses) are overworked and don’t have the time to hold your hand, and tell you exactly what needs to be done and how to do it. They are hoping you will figure it out. And you will. Read and reread the duties and responsibilities and use these as an outline for your first quarter goals. Afterall, you have been hired to work, and so checking in to be sure you are doing the job they need done is wise. Start by writing a list of goals you have in the workplace in three months, six months and one year. These goals should be attainable but they should challenge you. Think of them as building blocks to the bigger career goal you have—whether it’s a raise, a promotion or even an early retirement. Still need help sticking to your goals? Try — the online set works on the principles of accountability. Users enter into commitment contracts to achieve a goal within a particular time-frame. If you don’t meet the goal stickk not only lets your friends know but they’ll forfeit your own money (you’ll enter your credit card info before starting the process) to the charity or anti-charity of your choice (just think how motivated it might be to have your hard earned money in the hands of your political party nemesis). The site provides you with email reminders, a commitment journal and an online community of support.

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