Your Guide to Social Media

October 6, 2011

You’re Tweeting, Liking, Posting, Commenting and Friending—but how are others around the world using social media, and what are the differences when it comes to age and gender?

Advertising Age’s new guide to social media breaks down the stats:

LinkedIn: Males are 5 percent more likely to use the site than the average Internet user. Users in the 35-49 age range are 33 percent more likely to sign on.

Twitter: The 18-to-34-year-old segment is 41 percent more likely than the average Internet user to use Twitter. Women are about 4 percent more likely than men to use the site.

MySpace: Yes, there are still people using this original social media platform. In the United States southerners are most likely to still be using the site. Least likely: Midwesterners.

Facebook: Countries least likely to have residents using Facebook? China – 0 percent, Vietnam – 2 percent, Japan – 1 percent, Russia — .3 percent.

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