Make a GREAT First Impression

February 4, 2010

Sloan Klein offers her experience on this seemingly obvious topic. By seemingly we mean –you might actually learn something here you hadn’t thought of, read on.

1. Have a firm handshake and look people in the eye when you meet them.  Say, “Name”, it’s nice to meet you.”

2. Be friendly and courteous to all assistants (important during set up of interview on the phone as well)

3. Make sure you understand the dress code: for a finance interview wear a pants suit.  Make sure your hair is neat. Wear tasteful makeup and perfume.  Wear appropriate closed toe shoes.

4. Bring a pad and pen to take notes.  Even if you don’t feel comfortable taking many notes in the interview, it’s good to have to jot key things down.   Shows attention to detail.

5. Turn cell phone off

6. Don’t walk in with a Starbucks cup, water bottle or any type of food packaging and ask for the trash.

7. It is important to make a personal connection with your interviewer.  Look for opportunities to do so, this will set you apart from other applicants.  Good opportunities include: pictures or other items in the person’s office, ask them about themselves-find commonality.

8. Listen carefully to the questions asked. Don’t ramble, make sure you answer the question.

9. Follow up with a thank you email or note promptly. Make sure that you refer to the personal connection in the note.  Think of the follow up as your chance to further imprint the meeting in your interviewer’s mind.

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