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Job Etiquette (Yes it Exists).

November 10, 2009

We don’t consider ourselves the Emily Posts of the career world, and in fact, we’ve made most of the mistakes below–but we’ve learned, and learned, and learned.  Sure, most of us know not to swig from a water bottle mid-interview, or answer the phone with a “yo, ho!” but when it comes to co-worker interactions, and simple job place manners the most common big red flags are personal phone calls, texts and email. We suggest you give it three months before engaging in any non-work related communications. We get it: people need to get in touch with you, there are dates to make and break, purses to order and cable appointments to schedule. However, you’ve been hired to do a job, and your first task is to appear interested. If you have to, take a piece of paper, write down “I am above this job,” sign it, date it and leave it, along with your turned-off cell phone in your purse. Once those initial three months have gone by, we still aren’t giving you carte blanche to chat it up/text it up/email it up. Whiles human resource manager’s vary on the topic of cell phones: “yes –as long as the job gets done,” “no, never,” to “within reason,” and “take it to conference room.”  Here’s our take. Don’t take or make personal calls at your desk. Here’s a fun stat: reports that “65% of office workers admit they are more likely to gossip about colleagues who make loud personal phone calls.”

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