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Have a Better Day at the Office

May 29, 2012

We love our jobs and apparently – that’s not such a popular sentiment. According to Money Magazine about 60 percent of workers are dissatisfied with their jobs! The reasons? Low salaries, lack of growth opportunities, heavy workloads, and long hours. Unfortunately, unless you’re one of those lucky trust fund types, a job is just about as important as the shelter, food and the DVF wrap dress you’re able to afford from having one. The job market isn’t exactly booming so right now isn’t the time we’re going to tell you to just get up and quit. Instead, read on for Money’s tips on boosting your day in cubicle land.

1. Do What Needs to Be Done First.

If you manage your workload you’ll feel better prepared, less stressed and on top of things. Identify the tasks that are most important to your boss and move ahead on completing at least one each day.
2. Take Responsibility For Your Own Growth.
Ask to work on projects that won’t only boost your professional skills (think that dreaded PowerPoint presentation) but will also let you shine in front of senior management.
3. Fly Above the Drama.

Keep a positive mental attitude and don’t engage in office politics. If your work doesn’t already have one — create an upbeat, happy culture. “Praise others, discourage bad-mouthing, get to know optimistic co-workers better,” the article suggests. Other ideas? Start a company suggestion box, a company bowling team, weekly company lunchtime walk or a Monday morning bagel and coffee session.

*Photo Credit: AmySept via Flickr

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