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Green Jobs Grow 36 Percent

June 27, 2011

Colleges across the country are offering degrees that didn’t exist a decade ago like sustainability, ecotourism and even the “green MBA” but are there jobs there to welcome these eco-grads?

According to a new report by Next10, grads should be optimistic. California green jobs grew by 36 percent last year.
NY Times journalist Austin Considine recently interviewed Rachel Kleinberger, a 25-year-old who left her job at a reality-TV production company for a nonprofit group that promotes environmental sustainability. “I want to do something helpful,” she said, “or do something at the end of the day that’s like, ‘This makes me feel good that I spent this much time doing it.’ ”

Considine says “sustainability seems to resonate with the sex appeal of “dot com” or “start-up,” appealing to droves of ambitious young innovators.”

Jobs related to environmental work have actually tripled in the past three years, according to Amelia Byers, operations director for, a Web site that lists paid and unpaid opportunities for nonprofit groups and social enterprise companies.

These jobs aren’t just in the nonprofit sector. Ivan Kerbel, director of career development for the Yale School of Management, a graduate-level business program, told the NY Times that eco-issues like reducing waste and carbon footprints are important to corporations of all kinds. Byers attributes the growth in green-sector jobs to a, “generational shift toward “values driven” professions.”

Looking for “green” work? Take a look at these other eco-friendly companies on our radar:

h2hotel, Healdsburg, CA – a LEED Gold Certified hotel in the heart of wine country.

Marie Veronique Organic Skincare, Berkeley, CA – this skincare startup uses 100 percent recycled packaging and organic ingredients.

Lifefactory, Sausalito, CA – BPA-free, glass adult water bottles and baby bottles.

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