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4 Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash Now

June 6, 2012

moneyWhether you are saving up for a new pair of stilettos or just working on pumping up your savings so you can tell your boss to get a life…you need cash. Unless you’ve got big plans to maximize your quarterly bonus or your long-lost cousin is going to leave you an unexpected inheritance, try our four easy ways to make extra cash now—and send us a pic of your new Louboutins as a thank you!

1. Pet Sitting

First, stop laughing. Unless you’ve got an allergy to all things fluffy, pet sitting (especially overnight) can be super lucrative. Kennels can charge pet owners upwards of $40-$50 per dog, per night. If you’ve got the time to walk the dog, attend to daily feedings and throw a ball around you may want to consider a small side gig. Plus, the hours are really convenient for someone who already has a 9-5. How to get a gig? Start by creating a simple free website (use a version from WordPress) and then send an email to your entire contact list with the link to your new URL. Chances are, your inner circle will know someone who has a vacation coming up and needs a nice person (like you!) to watch Fido.

2. Consignment Shop

Well, really you’ll need to consignment SELL, the shopping will come later. If you’re horrified at the thought of actually having to present your items in person (for fear of rejection) try an online consignment store like The RealReal, which makes the process so easy. After speaking (on the phone!) to your assigned contact you’ll be emailed a Fedex label you can print out at home. They’ll even arrange for an at-home pick-up from Fedex if you don’t want to drop the items off.

3. Be a Tutor

This will probably only work if you’re GPA was worth talking about…but if you’ve got serious skills in writing, math, science, foreign language or any other subject start marketing your services. Tutors, especially for advanced subjects like calculus can make up to $50 an hour. For tips on how to market your services see the Pet Sitting idea above.

4. Become an Organizer

If your closet looks like the aftermath of a Sak’s annual sale, don’t opt for this money making route, but if you’ve got what it takes to help others organize their spaces read on. One of our favorite self-help authors is Regina Leeds — she literally wrote the book on organizing your life. Read this (and other organizing books) first before giving advice to any clients as you may find some real tips you can integrate in your new side business. Organizing doesn’t have to just be junk drawer related, you can offer organizing services for a closet, office space, kitchen, garage and even car trunk (have you seen ours?) The gig pays well, too — about $40 to $100 per hour.


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