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The Great Debate: Sparkling Versus Still Water

July 3, 2012

sparklingYou probably know that swapping out a daily soda for a daily glass of sparkling water is a quick fix for getting over the unhealthy habit, or that a sparkling water “on the rocks” with a squeeze of lime isn’t as fun as a gin and tonic but is a better choice if you’re driving or preggo, but does sparkling water keep you as hydrated as still water?

The folks at Fit Sugar tell us yes! It seems the bubbly stuff is just as hydrating to your body as boring ‘flat’ H20. And the stories of the carbon dioxide that’s added to water to make it bubbly being too acidic on your teeth–causing erosion? They say don’t worry about it (unless you’re adding lemon or lime which can be acidic) — you probably aren’t drinking enough massive amounts of sparkling water for it ever to be a problem — but soda contains phosphoric acid so yep, that definitely will eat away at your enamel.

If you are keen on the sparkling stuff, stick with the original-unadultered-all-natural brands. Flavored sparkling waters that are enhanced with sugar or artificial sweeteners have unnecessary calories and are have more in line with a soda than with water!


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