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Secret to Cavity Free Teeth: Red Wine

December 13, 2012

5057195941_8a9d30c4e8_nWe usually opt for white versus red wine if we are worried about our teeth — red chompers never look good — but this new study just may change what we reach for this weekend.

Italian researchers have discovered that the bacteria that feeds on sugars in food — and then clings to teeth and your saliva causing cavities — couldn’t do its clinging when red wine was present.

The study author hopes that the compounds in red wine can be separated from the liquid and used in overall oral health (but until then…cheers!)

Canadian researchers also found that  inflammatory gum disease could be prevented and treated by red wine polyphenols…so go ahead, have another glass – your dentist will thank you.


Photo via Flickr: by isante_magazine


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