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Nonsmokers Still Aren't Safe

July 19, 2010

It’s pretty obvious that smoking isn’t good for your health and besides a very unattractive smoker’s cough it can also lead to emphysema and lung cancer, but nonsmokers also have something new to worry about.

Contrary to what you may have heard — many lung cancer victims are actually people who have never smoked or even lived with a smoker. The cancer kills about 160,000 people a year–more than breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer combined.

In areas like Northern California, lung cancer rates in female nonsmokers are as high as 35 percent of all lung cancer cases. The problem is lung cancer is often diagnosed late in someone who isn’t a smoker, which leaves a smaller chance the cancer can be beat. Nonsmokers are often treated for asthma or bronchitis for months before lung cancer is diagnosed. Lung cancer in nonsmokers also starts early affecting people in their 30’s and younger.

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