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New Health Insurance Laws Will Help Millions

October 7, 2010

Sure, health insurance news may be boring but it’s important — and chances are it will effect you or someone you know.

About 22 percent of Americans (for those of you counting that’s one in five people) have a diagnosable mental health disorder. Anxiety, eating disorders, depression–yep, all considered under the mental health umbrella.

Until recently health insurance wasn’t stepping up with as high of coverage levels as it was for physical problems. Most people had to pay higher deductibles or copays when getting mental health or substance abuse help.

But two new laws are changing all that.

The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Treatment Act says health insurance benefits like co-payments and deductibles for mental health have to be at equal coverage levels as those for other medical treatments. However, insurances don’t have to offer mental health benefits at all and they can exclude specific disorders. Also, the law only effects companies with more than 50 employees. But it’s a start.



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