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Eat Corn. Don’t Drink It!

January 3, 2010
Pomegranate Blueberry, 110 calories

Eat the kernels on the cobb – not in a can, in the form of HFCS, high fructose corn syrup. Okay, it’s a corny way to make a point, but seeing as soda is the number one source of calories in our country, it’s safe to assume that many of our readers might have a slight soda addiction. And we’re here to help.

What do we have against HFCS? That answer is long and seeps into politics and other boring topics, but in regards to soft drinks: it just doesn’t need to be there. Since it is cheap, potent and easy to acquire, HFCS is the most common sweetener used in soda. While the scientists and food manufacturers battle over the evils or benefits of this pervasive sweetener, here’s one thing no one can argue; we as a nation consume too much of it!

Sticky stat: Sugar (mostly HFCS) makes up one quarter of the average American’s caloric intake, which adds up to about 142 pounds of it per year.

Here’s the good news, it’s not a complete break up, you can still have a coke  with tacos or pizza once in awhile, just opt for a Mexican coke made with real sugar. Or shoot, if you have to have that regular coke or diet coke, just aim for special occasions once-a-week occasions. Less works!

A few options:

Fountain sodas: These can be the most addicting, so next time you’re rounding the corner towards the machine, opt for an unsweetened tea with a splash of lemonade. Sure that lemonade will most likely be made with HFCS, but, it’s a fraction of an entire soda.

Or if you’re really feeling strong – just get the cup, the ice, the straw and pour in your own sparkling water. It’s a sensory thing.

At the market or deli.

Read labels: More and more brands of healthy alternatives to soda are out there…here are a couple of our favorites that come in cans or bottles.

Izzies Whole Food’s Italian Spritzers

Pomegranate 120 calories

Mandarin 40 calories

Pomegranate Blueberry, 110 calories

At home.

Make your own drink with a soda stream. An easy to use, water carbonation system. They have options to add flavor – but we suggest adding a splash of POM, or some other nutrient dense, HFCS free juice. Not only are you staying away from liquid corn products, you are not using and tossing bottles into the trash, and you’ll save money too.

If you have any great alternative sodas – or ways that you kicked the carbonated corn syrup habit – please share!

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