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A Drink Per Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

September 22, 2011

5415989089_700f510288_mCheers! A new report reveals that middle-aged women who have an alcoholic drink each day could increase their chances of improved health in older age.

A Harvard research team followed almost 14,000 women for an average of 16 years, keeping tabs on their alcohol consumption and how they aged. They deemed a successful experience with age being one that is free of 11 top chronic illnesses and having no other major health issues after age 70.

Those who aged the best drank one-half to one-ounce of alcohol per day. Although each bartender has a slightly different pour, most simple mixed cocktails (vodka tonics, vodka soda, etc) have one-ounce of liquor. The researchers also found the most successful participants drank throughout the week, not just on a single day. These “drinkers” were 28 percent more likely than nondrinkers to have a successful aging experience.


Photo via Flickr: by vitalsine


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