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100% Mineral Sunscreens that Work

July 10, 2012

img_30261-1Before you grab that bottle of last decade’s chemical bomb – be grateful it’s 2013 – and the love children of science and tree huggers, a.k.a. non-toxic, planet friendly, effective sunscreens are widely available.

Here is a list of products that use physical sun filters, either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which act like little mirrors, reflecting damaging rays. And for the most part are created using sustainable practices and recyclable packaging. We will update this list with specials and updates as we see them.  Also click here for EWG’s worst offenders – you may be surprised, we were. The biggest surprise for us were the powdered sunscreens like Go!screen, since the powder is inhaled, they are “possibly carcinogenic to humans”  … that’s all we need to know to reach for another product.

True Natural Cosmetics: Ranging from $15 – $20, this product lines appears on the EWG (environmental working group) Skin Deep Sunscreen list as a “Best Beach & Sport Sunscreen (SFP 40) and “Best Moisturizers with SPF (all natural daily moisturizer, SPF 20)

2. Kinesys- We love the planet-friendly spray on sunscreens from this Marin-based company and were not surprised by how much we really like the new-ish ointment with made with 100% mineral block which contains 25% pure Zinc Oxide, starts at $29.

Haute Protection – It is paraben and fragrance-free with skin-nourishing vitamin E (for potent antioxidant protection), $29.

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