MISS University

2 Day Get **it Done Retreat in the Wine Country

January 31, 2016

Miss University is back! And we are excited to share our upcoming two-day workshop/retreat for anyone (men or women) looking to create a professional online presence. This means building a website, integrating and creating appropriate social media accounts, email marketing – basically a business in a box.  

Mimi Towle and Hilary Andersen will be leading the retreat and will be working closely with the participants throughout the process. Call it a rebranding retreat – or just that getaway where you’ll finally “get shit done” hence the official name of our workshop. As we thought of names to describe what will happen in these 48 hours… this one stuck.  Mostly because there is an extremely long list of minutia mixed with major decisions that need to get done before you can click that “publish” button introducing your website to the world.

What will happen  One-on-one consulting with professional web designer, social media strategist and editor to optimize your online presence via a website and social media accounts in two days. The workshop begins at 9am on Sunday, April 3rd and ends at 5pm on Monday April 4th, includes all meals, a spa treatment and lodging. The majority of all the big decisions will be behind you as you leave the Sonoma Mission Inn and your optimized website will be live within a week. There will be a two-hour follow up consultation after the retreat to answer any questions that might come up after our time together.

Website Participants will be given three basic designs that can be completely customized to your business.
Each website will have up to 10 main pages and could include the following:

  • About
  • Basic blog template
  • Product page
  • Services
  • Contact
  • Industry specifics

Google analytics and SEO will also be integrated into your site and training will be provided on both during the retreat, supported by videos for viewing at a later time.

Email marketing services can be connected to your website if desired.

Consistently branded social media accounts can be created or cleaned up and embedded into website if desired.

Logo Rebrand Having worked as a graphic designer for over twenty years, Hilary will work with you to tweak or even redo your typographical logo, so it can be used across your business platform.

Social Media  As we all know the return on investment (time and money) on social media can be elusive, but in many cases it’s the easiest way to reach your customers. We will provide tips and tricks to pushing out posts, which may or may not include advertising. Your accounts will be evaluated, refined and integrated into your website. Participants will be given a customized strategy and easy-to-use graphic design tools that will make their campaigns look like they came from Madison Avenue. Our experts will also set up a Hootsuite or Buffer account and provide training on how to use these valuable time saving tools.

Content The need for materials such as the editorial for the pages and photos will also be evaluated and participants will be given instructions on how to get an updated head shot. Sessions will be covered by the cost of the retreat. Pages will be written by the participant and professionally edited and copy edited prior to or at the event. If the participant plans on blogging on their website, tips and style sheets will be shared in a one-on-one session at the workshop.

What do you walk away with?

  • Rebranded professional online presence.
  • Fabulous new custom designed website
  • Logo refresh
  • Consistent and branded social media accounts integrated to your website.
  • Customized social media strategy for your business.
  • Email marketing set up.
  • Dropbox folder with:
    • Photos/text used on website
    • Logo documents in various files.
    • One sheet of passwords for all social media, server, website needs.
    • Training videos on editing your website.
    • Hosting backup enabled.

Possible Add ons These items can add to the price and length of time, but can absolutely be done. These can be discussed during phone consultation:

  • Shopping cart
  • Photo shoot (if you have products to sell)

Total Cost $12,000

What you would generally pay for these services:

  • Website only: $5,000 – $30,000+ (average $10K)
  • New logo: $2,000 – $5,000+ (average $2K)
  • Branded social media pages: $3,000
  • New business card design and printing: $500
  • Edited copy: $1,500
  • SEO/Google Analytics SEO: $1,000
  • Photoshoot: $50.00
  • Social media strategy: $2,000
  • Email marketing setup: $1,000

Total: Over $21,000 +

Time saved: priceless

Who are we?

Mimi Towle is currently the executive editor of Marin Magazine, a regional lifestyle publication based in Marin County, the co-founder of Make it Simple Sister, a company based on optimizing your life by simplifying the processes, and the founder/editor of She has worked in publishing for nearly three decades, including magazines, books and websites.

Hilary Andersen is an online branding and marketing expert who has run her own design and marketing firm for over 20 years. Her clients include UC Berkeley, GE, and lots of respected tech and food brands. The first part of her career focused primarily on print and logo design and later evolved into website design. From there, she became very interested in search engine optimization, online marketing (social media, video, blogging, etc.) to drive traffic to the sites she creates.

Our job is to make you look good, and teach you how to find and engage with your ideal customer.


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Eat Clean

This means drinking lots and lots of water, eating lean proteins, healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, lots and lots of fruits and vegetables of all different colors with all different kinds of texture, eating complex carbohydrates, nuts and seeds. DITCH most of the processed foods with refined sugars and eliminate white carbohydrates. . OK, don’t panic, you can slowly reintroduce small portions of your favorites, once you’ve lost the weight.


I can’t impress upon you how important this is especially if you have specific weight loss and fitness goals.  If you like to write, get a pen and paper and write down every morsel that passes your lips along with how much you are exercising.  If you are on the go, there are several great apps; my favorite is My Fitness Pal.It is convenient, doesn’t take much time and has a lot of great tools to assist you.

Set Goals

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Change it up

When it comes to your fitness regimen you won’t make the gains you want to if you are constantly doing the same thing. Change is important and change keeps you from getting bored. You might actually discover something you love to do and just never knew it!  Try a class, go outside, buddy up or incorporate interval training!